GFC Chimica is specialized in supplying pigment dispersions and colorimetric services.

The final goal is not to “simply” sell a product, the pigment dispersion, but to offer tint development service, formulas development, tintometric machine interfacing service etc etc. Basing on 15 years of experience, GFC Chimica technicians is able to provide a tailor made service.

Starting from suppying one single pigment dispersion up to providing a full colorimetric system, the customer determinates its needs and it is our duty to provide the most compliant solution. We can supply products, color cards reading inputs, formulas, lab instruments: the customer will choose how far he wants us to go. Today GFC Chimica is supplying companies active in architectural paint production, paper and polyester composites fields with specific colorants and services.

Pigment dispersions:
LINEA EW Voc Zero: VOC Zero waterborne pigment dispersions for industrial tinting system (technical data sheet link)
LINEA ECO RU: VOC Zero waterborne pigment dispersions for in shop tinting system (technical data sheet link)
LINEA THERM: waterborne pigment dispersions based on IR reflective pigments, able to develop a wide range of tints having a low TSR index; these tints allows to have lower facades temperature in summertime saving ac energy and extend the durability of the paint (both thick and thin paints).(technical data sheet link)
LINEA EP: universal pigment dispersions for waterborne and alkidic enamels. (technical data sheet link)

Software and lab instruments:
GFCTinter: Software for formulas management to be interfaced with your tintometers.
Formulation software and spettrophotmeters/colorimeter to develop “on request” tints.

A real colorimteric service, developing tinting formulas on customers own base to obtain the best color matching possible.
For more details, visit our site dedicated to the colorimetric services that GFC Chimica offers to its customers: from technology to color.

p>Color cards:
We can provide color cards with our customers own brand
Color Charts: Large and modern colors for interior and exterior use, even in limited quantities.