GFC Chimica’s lab is one of the most adevnced in Europe for the R&D in the field of coating. Its activity is based in characterization and certification of paint and varnishes, being particularly specialized in the products for the building field..

GFC Chimica offers services of certification and characterization of paints and varnishes. And it can develop special products basing on customer’s needs.
Since 2001 it holds quality credit UNI EN ISO 9001; since 2002 the environmental certification UNI EN ISO 14001.

GFC Chimica is currently serving more than 400 customers in Italy and more than 50 abroad, supplying analysis and product certifications; it also provides specialized consultancies on paints and varnishes.

Its laboratory can perform more than 120 tests based on the most recent international norms (UNI, ISO, EN, DIN, ASTM, etc..) to certify a wide range of coatings to be used in many fields such as: building, industrial, wood, paper, etc…up to mortars and glues for tiles. Lab tests are chemical, physical and mechanical (abrasion, hardness, adhesion, permeability, colorimetry, accelerated ageing, etc…) and chemical analysis such as: FT-IR, HPLC and GC_MS, XRD, porosimtery, etc…